Hustler Juice

Hustle to the last drop! Hustler Juice was created to give both Malaysia and the world's vapers with a top of the line ejuice. Hustler Juice is a high-end eliquid brewed crafted in Malaysia with only the best ingredients. 100% of the ingredients in Hustler ejuice are food grade products. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are U.S.P. Grade.

The laboratory at Hustler Juice is where all the magic begins. Their engineers are diligent in producing the best quality ejuice for vape enthusiasts all around the world. The Hustler production team is a combination of skilled engineers within a high tech facility. This ensures that Hustler Juice will always be ahead of the market in terms of producing the best quality eliquid. All Hustler Juice products are made within their own facility with full knowledge of their ingredients and their origins. All ingredients in Hustler Juice products are made with GMP (good manufacturing process) standards. They use pharmaceutical grade nicotine, diluents and flavorings for all their products. All of these ingredients are rated as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA. The flavor concentrates used in their juice have also been screened for inhalation suitability. Hustler Juice only acquires their ingredients from suppliers that they are 100% sure are safe for consumers. They work on building long-term, trusting relationships with trusted suppliers in order to ensure a safe and quality product for the vaping world. With all this being said, you can rest assured that Hustler Juice will provide you a safe and delicious vaping experience. Satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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